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DocuVision is your online service for Document and Image Comparison, Error Detection and Proofreading

DocuVision is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) that examines your documents or images, finds out the differences between source and target documents, detects errors and creates difference reports that can be saved.

Even formatting differences or the most subtle pixel based differences are captured and reported!


With DocuVision, you can be sure that you are dealing with the correct version of any document, whether it is soft or hard copy. Images can also be compared in a pixel based manner, differences are detected and highlighted on a comparison report that can be downloaded or saved for your convenience.

You can now eliminate manual document checking from your business to improve accuracy and save valuable time.

Hardcopy vs Softcopy Comparison

  • Ensure that your printed copy is the same as your hard copy

  • No undetected changes or alterations have been made

  • Even detect fomatting and font modifications

  • Create and save revision history for documents

Image Comparison

  • Easily compare two images for differences

  • Set threshold to exclude noise

  • Compare multiple targets against one source, such as multiple labels on one page

  • Compare barcodes

Simple and Elegant

  • Load files and immediately view and save the results

  • Wide range of supported file formats

  • Simple to use and user friendly

  • Flexible pricing to cover all usage scenarios including on-premise installation

Documents are inspected for unwanted or unauthorized modifications, inserted, deleted or modified text is detected and reported. Formatting and font changes are detected as well.

Image files are overlaid and pixel differences are evaluated with a certain threshold to exclude noise from the images. An overlay report highlighting the differences is then provided to the user.

Supported File Formats

A wide range of file formats are supported. Cross-format comparisons are supported as well.

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